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The founders

Gabriele Formentini - President

Born in Latisana (UD) on October 21, 1971, he got his degree in Astronomy from the University of Padova. Since 1997 has been working as a meteorologist at the Meteorological Center of Veneto Region (ARPAV). He mainly works on radar and satellite applications, with a special interest in severe weather, teaching activities and divulgation. Author of the book "Noi cacciatori di tornado" ("We, tornado chasers") published by Lulu.com and co-author of "Temporali e tornado" ("Thunderstorms and Tornadoes") published by Alpha Test. He also wrote a certain number of scientific papers, magazine and news paper articles for divulgation purposes, and has often been interviewed on radio and TV. Thanks to his tornado-chasing experience in the USA since 2005, has been the coordinator of training courses about thunderstorms and severe weather since 2006. Since 2007 has organized tornado-chasing adventures in the USA and is the President of the Thunderstorms Association. Complete CV here

Alessandro Chiaudani

Born in Genova on February 1, 1966, got his degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Catholic University of Piacenza. Since 1997 has been working at the Agrometeorological Unit of the Meteorological Center of Veneto Region (ARPAV). He works on planning and management of operational services for farmers in Veneto, and takes care of agro-meteorological bullettins, that can be found here. In 2008 got his PhD in Plant Production Sciences, his degree thesis being "Static and dynamic agroclimatology in Veneto", that analyzes in depht agroclimatological trends and discontinuities in Veneto in 1956-2004. Author of several scientific papers (link), has been a member of college graduation examining boards asassistant supervisor. Complete CV here

Arianna Tardelli

Born in Venice on July 7, 1970, got her degree in Astronomy from the University of Bologna. Her fields of interest are website designing and graphics for e-commerce and e-learning. Since 2005 has been working at the Meteorological Center of Veneto Region (ARPAV) as an expert in web programming and graphics. Has taken part in the EU project FORALPS, in several ARPAV publications and has worked on specialistic weather products to be published on the intranet and on institutional website. At the moment is working on radar and satellite software management and administration at ARPAV. Complete CV here

Luciano Lago

Born in Padova on October 24, 1964, go this degree in Astronomy from the University of Bologna. Assigned a grant of ASI (Italian Space Agency) for Space Geodesy until 2002, he is author of several international scientific publications. Since 2003 has been working as radarmeteorologist at the Meterological Center of Veneto Region (ARPAV). Has worked on the EU project FORALPS, as coordinator of designing, installation and testing of the experimental meteorological microradar in Valeggio sul Mincio (VR). At the moment his fields of work are management and software developmentof radar and satellite systems, and forecasting activities in case of severe weather to support Civil Protection activities in Veneto.

Michela Calza

Born in Feltre (BL) on December 18, 1978, got her degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Trento. In 2006 and 2007 worked as a consultantat the Meteorological Center of Veneto Region (ARPAV), to develop specific software for weather radar data processing. She’s now working as consultant for private companies as an expert on advanced meteorological software. Experience of tornado chasing in the USA as driver since 2007. Complete CV here.

Silvia Mainardi

Born in Arzignano (VI) on September 20, 1978, got her degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padova. Specialist in internal medicine with an interest in emergency medicine, has worked both in an internal medicine ward and at an emergency department. Translator of medical and scientific papers and text books from English into Italian. Work experience abroad as medical staff for organized holiday groups. Interested in travelling, photography, computer/techonolgy, weather and adventure, has broad travel experience in Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Vice-president of the Thunderstorms Association, has taken part in the Tornado Tour from the first edition, as logistics coordinator, driver and doctor. Complete CV here.