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Mesocyclone at the ground, June 5th - VORTEX 2 - (c) Associazione Thunderstorms

VORTEX2 - Picture gallery

The full VORTEX 2 picture gallery and the blog (in Italian) is available. Photos have been taken by Thunderstorms Association during the VORTEX2 campaign (form May 3rd to June 14th 2009).

The VORTEX2 (Verification of the Origin of Rotation in Tornado EXperiment 2) is concluded. One hundred scientists and students with more than forty vehicles studied tornados in the Great Plains for five weeks. Together with them we drove for 19.000 chilometri !

Convective Outlook Day-1
Storms Reports
Mosaico Radar

Weather reports

The italian severe weather database that collects informations, pictures, videos of waterspouts, hail storms, tornados in Italy keeps on growing and at the moment there are 361 reports included. The tornado/waterspout reports in the database are particularly numerous: 233. Thanks to a new funcitionality now it's possible to know the exact number of reports included into the database.

The Italian severe weather database that collects informations, pictures, videos of waterspouts, hail storms, tornados in Italy keeps on growing. Look at the map of the severe weather events included into the database during the last seven days or find a specific events with our useful research tools.

From left to right: waterspout photographed ad the beginning of August 2005 in Ercolano (NA) (Fabrizio Di Gennaro's picture), the big funnel cloud with kitesurfers from Maccarese (RM) the June 20th 2009 (Maurizio Fulgenti's video) and the hailstones falled in Gorizia July the 14th 2008 (Elio Candussi's picture).

From left to right: waterspout from Ostia (RM) June 21st 2009 (Fabio Scarcella's video), funnel in Arre (PD) April 29th 2009 (Nicola Bertipaglia's) and the hailstorm in Bassano (VI) from May 27th 2009 (Cristian Cavalli's picture).

From left to right: tornado in Crispiano (TA) June 29th 2009 (Michele Scarcia's video), hail in Pastrengo (VR) June 17th 2009 (Paolo Donà's picture) and the waterspout in Diamante (CS) the June 22th 2009 (Romualdo Montevero's video).

The city of Padua houses first training course of 2009 about thunderstorms

Updated March 26th - Over 60 people attended the first edition of the 2-day (basic and advanced) of the course "Thunderstorms: istructions for use", organized by the "Thunderstorms Association", with the support of Padova municipality.

Weather fans and Civil Protection members, from all over Italy including Sicily and Sardinia, attended the course: this is the proof, once again, of how the passion for these "Nature's wonderful creatures" binds our peninsula from north to south !

In these two days several experts were on stage and they conquered the public with their lectures and breathtaking pictures and videos. All the lectures are now available in pdf format to all the people who attended the course, to review the details of the lectures and the wonderful pictures.

Updated January 16th - Fifty waterspouts have been chased along the Italian coasts in 2008 expecially in fall and along the western coasts. Only few inland tornados hit our peninsula; among them we remember the tornado that on 6th of July hit the town of Salboro (PD) in Northern Italy and the tornado that on 22nd of July hit the town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere in Southern Italy.

Who are the thunderstorm and tornado lovers in Italy?

Updated Febrauary 13rd - Our Italian readers keep on registering in our website. Untill now there are more than 180 registered people; they come from all over Italy, showing that a passion for thunderstorms - the amazing creatures of Nature - keeps together our peninsula from North to South. Click here to check who they are. We have also a Group in , why don't you join it ?

Gli iscritti di ThunderstormsGli iscritti di Thunderstorms

FROM THE UNITED STATES - Here below there are three links trough which is possible to get revelant real time information and forecast about severe weather events in USA.

Convective Outlook Day-1
Storms Reports
Mosaico Radar


COPYRIGHT - All the material published on this website and on the blog is copyrighted. All pictures are owned by the authors and have been published after obtaining the written permission from them. It's not possible to reproduce them without our permission.