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During the 2007 edition of the tour, two groups of people guided by our staff, chased thunderstorms and tornados from 5th to 26th May 2007.

The tour has been an incredible experience for all us … we visited amazing places, lived unforgettable emotions, feel the power of the wind, the fury of hail and lightning, the strength of tornado. We guided 15 people, from 21 to 70 years old, through the secrets of supercells and tornados.

The chronicles of all the chase days are available on the Blog. Here below some of the pictures of those amazing days

  May 5th - La partenza
May 6th - La prima caccia
May 7th -- Il grande Texas
May 8th - Il giorno delle shelf
May 9th - Speed Limit Day
May 10th - Tornado Warning inattesa

May 11th - La traversata delle immense praterie
May 12th - I presidenti
  May 13th - Bust
May 14th - Il fronte freddo
May 15th - Greensbourg
May 16th - Arrivi e partenze
May 17th - Il ritorno al nord
May 18th - Sempre più a nord
  May 19th - Mesolinea
May 20th - Rodeo e cowboys
May 21th - Dryline in Eastern Colorado
May 22th - Tornado
May, 23th - Monster HP supercell