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Our storm chasing videos

Here are some of our best storm chasing video from 2005 to 2008

First of all some videos about Tornado Tour 2008. All the videos are copyrighted by authors, if you want to use it you need a specific authorization.

May 3rd 2008 - Tornado damage in Earle, Arkansas. Car 1 (G.Formentini), Car 2 (G.Formentini), Flattened homes (G.Formentini).

May 3rd 2008 - Tornado damage in Damascus, Arkansas. Homes (G.Formentini) and Track flipped over (G.Formentini).

May 5th 2008 - Storm chasing Video (G.Formentini), Mammatus (G.Formentini), Landscape at dusk (G.Formentini), Doppler On Wheels hit by big hail (G.Formentini), Storm chasers convergence (G.Formentini).

May 22nd 2008 - First exicting storm chasing day from Kansas: Gove City wall cloud and tornado (G.Formentini), Grainfield s tovepipe tornado (G.Formentini).

May 23rd 2008 - Incredible videos of tornados chaesd in Kansas, between Quinter and Ellis: Two wedge tornados (F.Giordano) - First wedge tornado (G.Formentini), - Third tornado (G.Formentini) - Tornado with cops (G.Formentini) - Tornado syrens in Ellis (G.Formentini)

Two new videos: Tornadic supercells 1 Quinter (Dino Gasparetto) and Tornado Supercells 2 (Dino Gasparetto) form the 23rd of May.

Video di Dino Gasparetto Video di Dino Gasparetto Video di Dino Gasparetto

In this video from TornadoVideos.Net at 2:05 minute our Tornado Tour two VANS appair. After a while we stopped to film. In the video you can see our VANs with tornadic circulation some hundreds of years behind us over the Highway. Few minutes later a wedge tornado touched down North of the Highway.

Here it is a video which summurized emotions from Tornado Tour 2007; YouTube version and High definition version (44Mb) (G.Formentini).

Here below other two slideshows with some pictures from Tornad Tour 2007 partecipants.

Tornado Tour 2007, 1 e 2 - Video 1 and Video2.

Dino Gasparetto is the author of the following videos.

May 22nd 2007 - Tornadic supercell in Hill City, Kansas (D.Gasparetto)

May 23rd 2007 - Supercell and Doppler On Wheel, Pampa Texas (D.Gasparetto)

Andrea Griffa filmed the devastation of EF5 Greensburg tornado in May 2007. The first video is and interview of our friend Scott who lost the house, and the second one is a panoramic view of the small town completed flattened.

May 14th 2007 - Interview to a EF5 Greensburg Tornado survivor (A.Griffa)

May 14th 2007 - Greensburg town after tornado passed over (A.Griffa)

Below the are some other videos from Fabio Giordano and Andrea Griffa dating back to 2005 storm season in the United States.

May 30th 2005 - Mesocyclone in Springfield, Colorado (F.Giordano)

May 10th 2005 - Timelapse Grand Island Nebraska (F.Giordano) - Lightning, NOAA weather radio and funnel (F.Giordano) - Strong wind and rear flank downdraft (F.Giordano)

May 13th 2005 - Powerful Inflow and lightning, HP supercell in Crowell-Benjamin, Texas (F.Giordano) - HP supercell and storm chasers (F.Giordano)

May 17th 2005 - Shelf cloud, hail, lightning at dusk, Nebraska (F.Giordano)

May 23th-24th 2005 - Landscape and lightning, Kansas (F.Giordano) - Lightning (F.Giordano)

May 26th 2005 - Thunderstorm, core punch and lightning, New Mexicoi (F.Giordano)

May 31st 2005 - Tornado syrens, funnel, mesocyclone in Leftfield, Texas (F.Giordano)

May 2005 - Flash flood, Doppler on Wheel, Texas Panhandle (F.Giordano)